6 Ways to make a standout Resume

Everyone knows how important a Resume is to land that job! Here are some ways to make your resume stand out from the crowd

1. Its not all about content…

Since the rise of computer age, almost everyone has access to some form of resume builder or template, so having a typed up resume just doesn’t cut it any more.

Which ever why you choose to create your resume make sure it stands out. Your resume is like an advertisement for a product and that product is you. Your resume serves as your packaging take time and invest in a good looking resume.


2. Check your content

Quality is always better than quantity, HR departments process a lot resumes on a daily basis, therefor set up your resume so that the fact you want to stand out does that indeed. A long employment history is important and people sometimes fear for employment history gaps, but filter you skills and your jobs so that they are what is seen first

3. Make the email functional

Nowadays most people email their resumes to prospective employers, I find it helpful to give a brief statement of why you would qualify for the position.

4. PDF it

Most people have access to software that can handle a PDF file. Having it in PDF ensures all the hard work you have put into your resume doesn’t get lost because of the word processor on the other end


5. Shake it up a bit

Try something different, like setting up your resume in landscape (which views better on all screens).


PS. You might want to get some help from freelance designers if you find word processors can’t embody your vision. Post jobs to elance.com, gumtree or craigslist, investing in a good resume is bang-for-your-buck


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