Smart Casual Defined

Smart Casual can seem very misleading to a majority of people out there. I myself have seen many fail at it.

A general rule of thumb you’d rather look more smart than casual. The reason I say this is because most likely the reason you are asked to dress the way for a reason(event or work).
In the case of an event you really don’t want to be the only person in the photo wearing shorts…

A lot of people or of the opinion that the host/hostess knew me when they invited me they know how I dress. That is true, but I prefer looking at it (my attire) as a way to respect or honour the host. Generally smart casual is not defined by the pants you wear, rather it is defined by your shoes and shirt. Jeans, all stars, and a Tee is casual, whereas Jeans, dress shoes and collared shirt (sleeves rolled up if you like) is smart casual. See how in both cases the jeans weren’t the determining factor.

The key is this: If you are thinking “Do I look too casual?” you most likely are…



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