Bow it Up: The Way to wear the bow tie

It seems that one thing Glee has been successful (inter alia) is in  bringing back the bow tie.

Bow ties for years has been associated with politicians or professors (who did them a good amount of justice) but recently they have gained popularity. There are different ways to wear a bow tie you might want to dress up some shorts or even wear it to a formal event.

It is important to remember that when you are wearing a bow tie (or anything bold)  to not make your outfit too busy. The aim of dressing is well is being seen, people might argue that looking like a clown fulfills this function. It does however not fulfill the purpose of making a good impression, so wear that tie right Pick on bold or busy (in this case the bow tie) item and pair it with a more subdued outfit

There seems to be a trend to dress up short’s nowadays and a bow tie is the ideal accessory to accomplish that, try wearing a plain outfit and pairing it with a complementary bow tie.

For more on Bow Ties read this article by Malene Soegaard-Bowties Return as a Fashion Accessory for Men


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