Changing resolutions to goals

It’s that time of the year where a large majority of people resolves to change things in their lives. This post aims to help you to change those resolutions into a reality.

1. Lets resolve to set goals rather than resolutions. Resolutions tend to focus on the negative which is one of the main reasons it seems difficult to achieve.

2. To achieve a goal does not take a major change but rather a sum of small changes. Like they say any journey starts with the first step.

3. Start today! We always seem to think next week or next month will give us that added umph to make our goals real they won’t. Your decisions will however!

4. Try building good habits. Good habitsĀ  flow over into a more consistant life. It takes 21 days to develop a new routine 21 weeks to develop a new habit and 21 months to develop a new lifestyle according to Stephen Covey. By June you could have those good habits in place.


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