How to: Plan the perfect picnic

So you are thinking about going on a picnic adventure. Too some this might bring back memories of awkwark hikes with ant filled chow.

Now for those off you who think a picnic its something you can just throw together please navigate back too Google and ask it for more suitable advice. A proper panned picnic, especially y the romantic kind needs a clear thought out plan.

Location: any of you who has been in any form of a business class or lecture would know location is everything. Whilst picnicing you need something that is preferably flat, beautiful, antless and shaded(since sitting in the sun for an hour around lunch time doesn’t seem that attractive)

Content: There is no picnic menu guideline. The most important thing is to take into account is the menu your guest would prefer: so should she prefer wine include wine and cheese…

The trip: If you are in the company of adventurers hiking for thee hours is fun. If you have the company of a city-slicker taking a more chilled route might help.

Enjoy the picnic adventure!!!


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