iOs 7 review- The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Its been a few weeks since the anxiously expected launch for iOs 7. Some of you out there may be asking “Should I even consider changing to iOs 7?” Lets take a look at it…

I am basing this review on iOs 7 installed on the iPhone 4. (Which seems fair since this is the “oldest” iPhone model that would support iOs7).

The changes that seem to be the best so far is:

  • The new control center. This control center allows you access to certain ver key features. These features are: the brightness setting, music control, connection settings, a flashlight (so there is no actual need for a flashlight app), calculator, camera and timer (which takes you to clock app). The control center is one of the most significant and impressive changes.
  • The look and feel of the “animation” makes you feel as if you are right inside a Marvel movie with all the holographic technology.
  • The new notification center allows you to see your day in advance not just only a list of the appointments.
  • For the iPhone 5 upwards the Airdrop function seems quite easy to use. Similar to bluetooth sending to any other apple device.
  • The built-in mail client allows you to view different filter(if you may) for your emails. The one I like the most is the “unread” filter.

The changes that seem somewhat frustrating:

  • On the slower phones you might find yourself unlocking and locking the phone due to the small lag for the animation to take you to your “swipe here to unlock” screen. This is due to the fact that when you press the power key to unlock it takes a few seconds for the phone to register. I catch myself quite often pressing the button twice because it seems that the phone did not register and then afterward only realising that the phone is now locked again
  • The weather app seems to be frustrating for users of the iPhone 4s and up, on the iPhone 4 it  works perfectly
  • There is a big complaint about the power consumption of the os, on my end i find my phone’s battery lasts longer. This might be due to the fact that I adjust the brightness to the lowest possible setting

All in all the update to me seems worthwhile it looks good, runs smoothly and the design team at apple tried their best to make everything easier and more accessible. For the answer to the question stated above is confident Yes!


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