How to do your do

Here are some tips for how to handle and maintain that perfect hairstyle.

  1. First things first taking care of your hair. Hair care is simple and can be summarised in one word conditioner. Conditioner puts into your hair what life takes out this will ensure that your hair stays shiny and fresh.
  2. Regular Hair cuts are essential. Even if you are trying for a longer hairstyle. A haircut will speed up the growing process and also cut out all dried out hair.
  3. Find a product that sticks. Unlike female hairstyles, most male hairstyles have the same basic cut. What makes it looks different is how you style it. I personally prefer something with a more matt look but your hairstyle is an extension of your personal style.
  4. Should you choose to straighten your hair make sure you proficient with a straightener. When hair is properly straightened it should look silky and flowy,  your hair should not look like a freshly mown lawn. Buy heat defence products to ensure that your stays protected.
  5. For colour treated hair. Buy a shampoo & conditioner that is designed for your hair. This will ensure that your colour stays fresh and your hair stays strong. Give your hair at least a 6 week break before going back to treat your hair. My personal opinion is that men should stick to their natural hair colour, since the majority of men prefer short hair. This means most of your colour will be grown out within a few weeks.

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