Do’s and Don’ts of Formal Wear

This is a simple guide to ensure you look your best at that office dinner party, wedding or formal dance. This will ensure you look your best and that all the photo’s show best side.


  • Iron all your clothes. I know it is tempting to only iron the parts of your clothes that will be visible, but realise that somewhere between all the dancing, photo’s etc. you will probably take off your jacket. Showing all the “missed” sections of your ironing regime
  • Wear a belt. It’s simple, no suit is complete without a belt. Make sure your belt is the same colour as your shoes
  • Make sure your tie is tied properly, a proper tie is in the form of a triangle. Follow this link to see how to “tie the knot” in a more modern way.


  • Leave your shoes unpolished. It is true you can tell a lot about a man by the way his shoes look.
  • Wear the “Bugs Bunny” socks your gran bought you. Your sock should match your belt and shoes. Hence Black shoes = Black Socks
  • Forget to shave. Unless your beard is in a style or part of your personal style, please shave. Stubble and suits don’t mix. If you don’t trust me ask Harvey Specter.

If you have questions feel free to contact me


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